Standard guide for works councils

Wanne van den Bijllaardt

Works councils in the Netherlands

As the world becomes more globalised, companies increasingly pursue business opportunities across borders. As a result, works councils of companies in the Netherlands are often faced with a foreign parent company which usually has little understanding of how employee participation in The Netherlands works. In addition, more foreign members are currently entering works councils, who require English as their regular working language. But how does an English-speaking works council acquire its professional knowledge? Plenty of books on employee participation are available in Dutch, but not in English.

Rights and obligations

The standard guide for works councils now fills this gap. It sets out to highlight the works council’s rights and obligations. At the back of this guide, you will find the complete text of the Dutch Works councils Act (WCA), in Dutch the Wet op de ondernemingsraden (WOR). You might wonder why the WOR could be relevant to the practice of employee participation. Many of the mandates highlighted in the WOR will become clear to you in everyday practice.

Useful guideline

Nevertheless, it may be useful to understand the WOR’s basic outlines. If only to provide a useful guideline on how to act if the relationship between works council and director becomes sullied, for example. Besides a clear explanation of the powers of the works council, this guide also contains practical checklists and tips.

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Titel: Standard guide for works councils
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